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Modernising an old idea…

With a Rayburn wood-burning stove going continuously during winter and a roaring open fire, we go through a lot of firewood each year. Our need for firewood, and an efficient way of cutting it, has led to our further development and evolution of the traditional saw horse.

Product Features

The Soar Horse:

  • Securely clamps together a mix of short and long lengths of wood
  • Handles both smaller branches and larger limbs at the same time
  • Prevents small pieces of wood from spinning or flying out during chainsawing
  • Holds a large volume of wood in each load
  • Provides an optimum working posture that minimises bending and stretching
  • Ensures safe chainsaw operation with hands and feet well away from the chain.

The key component of the Soar Horse is the orange, pivoting, Hydroclamp. This uses water as a moveable weight, exerting downward pressure onto the cradled wood, holding it securely for sawing.

As firewood is progressively sawn from the left, the balance of the load adjusts and settles. The Hydroclamp follows this movement applying pressure right through sawing, leaving a neat stack of wood held for loading. Most of the remaining firewood is intercepted by the catching tray, also ready for loading. The moving water in the Hydroclamp holds it safely open for loading and unloading.

The Soar Horse is most efficient when working from stacked wood. We pre-stack our firewood in random lengths of up to 2.5m long on pallets with the butts to the right. These stacks are then covered and left to dry for 1-3 years. Firewood production is rapid. Two contractor wheelbarrow loads of firewood are produced from each cycle and a large trailer load of firewood (1 cubic metre) can be cut and loaded by one person in only 20 minutes – achieved without needing to refuel the saw!

The Idling Box

We also provide an optional extra to make your firewood cutting even safer and more productive. The Idling Box holds your chainsaw during loading/unloading and is adjustable to the height and angle that best suits you. This lets you keep your back straight and eliminates reaching. It also removes any chance of your saw rolling over, falling to the ground, stalling, and not restarting.


Soar Horse Prices (GST Inclusive)

Soar Horse with Catching Tray: $465.00
Idling Box – Optional Extra: $100.00
Full Unit – with Catching Tray and Idling Box: $565.00


North Island Urban $28.00
South Island Urban $52.00
Please add an additional $7.00 for Rural Delivery.

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